Fall In Love With Frogust

What the hell is Frogust?!?

That’s usually what people say to me when I refer to the 8th month of the year.  It’s not August–we got rid of that a couple of years ago.  It is Frogust.  Because the entire month feels dedicated to those Wednesday mornings climbing stairs kind of like we always do, but it’s really different.  Of course, we run up the big seats and down the small crimson stairs, but in this month of August, we lock into a challenge for the entire month that we only get a taste of now and then the rest of the year.

FrogMan.  The workout originally called FrogMan1 was an “ultimate challenge” kind of workout.  Not a full tour.  Not even the 40 sections that is MORE than a full tour.  FrogMan1 is a 25-sections-out, 25-sections-back beast.  Because finishing 50 sections before time runs out in a workout is really freaking hard to do.

But Chris Payne (of the EmC2 era of NP_BOS leadership) used to say he wished he could do FrogMan1 every week–precisely because it’s hard AF.  Precisely because he used to tell himself that he wasn’t one of the people who could finish it.  FrogMan1 was for “those people…” All those people he saw as faster, stronger, more athletic, who somehow sweat more beautifully and probably never gasped for air at the top of a section.  Maybe it was only for people for whom the stairs are “easy.”

He went on believing this about himself and about FrogMan1 until he finally just opened himself to trying it.  To setting a BIG goal and working his ass off to accomplish it.  It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t even super pretty–but it showed him that he was capable of way more than he was giving himself credit for.

So two years ago, CPayne, Capozzi and I were talking about workouts and we asked ourselves how fucking cool it would be if we not only threw out FrogMan1 here and there, but actually dedicated an entire month to the workout.  So every single Wednesday, the entire tribe could focus on, work hard at, and get better at FrogMan1.  What would happen?  Would everyone love it?  Would everyone get really fucking strong, fast, fit, happy, and confident?  Maybe…maybe not…but it was the origin of Frogust.

Frogust is most definitely about giving every single member of NP Boston a BIG challenge to focus on and work toward for the whole 8th month of the year formerly known as August.  But we also know that when the goals we set are WAY beyond our current capacities, it is very difficult to see and feel progress–which becomes de-motivating.  But if our goals are just beyond our current capacities, we can actually see the important progress we are making each week, even if it is small.  So Frogust is all about each of us picking our goal and then working our tails off each week to reach them.  And if we reach them, we can stretch our goals, set our sights farther, and get back to work.  It’s pretty fucking awesome.  So here’s the rundown:

Tadpoleman = 30 sections (15 out and back)

Polywogman = 40 sections (20 out and back)

Frogman = traditional 50 sections (25 out and back)

Bullfrogman = 60 sections (30 out and back)

Today at the stadium was our first week of Frogust 2018, and it was phenomenal.  Maybe you set a goal and already reached it–surprisingly or not–and next week you’ll aim for the next stage of frog development.  Maybe you realized that you set a lofty goal–and next week is your opportunity to get lots of sleep, hydrate well, and give it your all to do more than you did today as you progress toward your goal.

It’s okay to adjust your goal.  But it’s not cool to deny your potential, to resist working hard because you’re afraid of failing, or to sandbag your effort because of what you think you can do compared to what others do.  Frogust is a month to let go of low-expectations, let go of fear, let go of judgment, and let go of preconceived notions.  Frogust is a month to embrace BIG goals, take risks, keep moving even when it’s more than you’ve ever done before, and embrace growth.

It’s with these kinds of “letting gos” and “embracings” that we can fall in love with working hard, fall in love with the unknown, and fall in love with what we might discover in ourselves if we only let go and look.  So don’t be confused about Frogust being all about lots and lots of stairs.  Nope.  Frogust is a month to fall in love.

Keep changing the world.

We’ll see you out there, frogs.


Global Climbing Day August 18, The North Face is donating $1 for every person who shows up to climb (for free) at local climbing gyms, and the donations go to the Khumbu Climbing Center. Learn more HERE and find the gyms you can go to on 8.18 to participate.

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  1. Polywogman completed this am! Achieving Frogman seems ridiculously impossible, but then again, so did this whole stadium-stairs thing just one year ago. THANK YOU, NP, for helping hundreds of human beings grow!

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