Exposed (DCA)

It’s certainly a weird feeling when you step outside in late November and the light jacket you put on is too much. It’s a glorious feeling to break out the shorts for one last hurrah before winter sets in (although, who doesn’t love running tights??). Today felt like a spring day and we all responded by exposing our skin before we all get pale over the hibernating season. But at November Project, skin isn’t the only thing that gets exposed. Let me explain:

Our main goal, if we do nothing else via this crazy group, is to build positive community. That’s it. How do we do that? By getting people to unplug, interact, and smile. For most, this group interaction, these ‘partner-up’ activities, the mob of cheery people at 6:30AM is a scary thing. It’s intimidating. ‘I’m not social’. ‘I’m not fit enough’. ‘I don’t do hugs’. ‘I like to work out alone’. All these things we respect when you say it, but we know that somewhere deep inside of you is the ability to take part, the ability to demolish that wall, that barrier you’ve put up. The ability to become EXPOSED. But in a good way. Why? Because these people, these loud, excited, hips-in hugging, high-fiving, smiling people are ready. For what? YOU. Ask anyone that has joined a November Project workout and they’ll tell you that these are the most accepting and loving people in the city. Your home away from home. Or your home at home. Your second (or third, or fourth) family. November Project is for EVERYONE. So why not #JustShowUp and join the community?


This holiday, use #NP_TSA + airport code (or city) to meet up with tribe members from all over the world. Wear your grassroots gear to make it easier Example: #NP_TSA PDX until 4 pm. Terminal 2, gate 4. #Grassrootsgear

WEDNESDAY: PR day. Come ready to race. #EarnYourTurkeyPart2 5:30 or 6:30AM. Lincoln Memorial

SATURDAY, DEC. 13TH, 2PM, WHITE HOUSE: Mark your calendars. Ugly sweater themed race. Don’t miss out on these shenanigans.



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