Everybody in the Dub Gettin’ Fit, See? (DCA)

One, here comes the two to the three to the four coolest things in DC:

1. November Project DC

There’s really no need to move on to the next three. NP is the only one you need to know about. Why? It’s the most fun and the hardest workout you’ll do in the entire DMV area. And it all happens before (almost) everyone else gets up. But you most likely already know this if you’re reading…

So don’t keep it to yourself! SHARE! It’s the second thing you learned in Kindergarten (the first was fingerpaint butterflies). Get that coworker or friend that’s been on the fence to COMMIT already. There’s no cold feet around here. Just hot, sweaty, tired feet from kicking some ass on the DC pavement/stairs/grass. NP is for EVERYONE. Don’t believe us? Ask this little dude that joined in for a log:


That is how it’s done.

FRIDAY: Hidden gems in Georgetown. Meet HERE on the C&O canal path, 6:28AM to #EarnYourWeekend

#RecruitEveryone: WIN a TomTom GPS watch if you recruit the most newbies this month AND those newbies are at the #Sunrise6k

#Sunrise6k: We’ll be racing it out on 6.24.15, running a 6k instead of the usual PR week. Start and End location is the normal Wednesday meet spot. If you PR from February, you #EarnYourCava


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