Every Wednesday is Special

I got up this morning just like I do every Wednesday.  The alarm went off at 4:20am, I got myself ready to go to the stadium, and all was set for a regular Wednesday. Little did I know that by the time we snapped the group photo at 7:25 AM I would have a whole new perspective on Wednesday mornings, and each of our mornings together.

Every week I pay close attention to the group of newbies who show up because I get to see their faces and introduce them to Harvard stadium. Not every week do we ask, “who’s leaving the tribe?”  The reality is that people come and people go all the time– in a healthy ebb and flow of any community.  Sometimes these transitions happen without any ceremony or special recognition, while other times it’s just more prominent.

Those beginnings for new people arriving and endings for old friends saying ‘see you later,’ are special. For the people who celebrated their birthday today, this morning at NP was special.  But the today that is “special” to some people for a particular reason, is the very same today for all of us, whether it’s our first day or our last, our birthday, or simply another Wednesday in the long, ongoing string of time.  Today is actually  significant for all of us. It’s special.  You may pay more attention to how special it is if you are coming or going, but it’s just as important and full of life, experience, and possibility for all of us. Every. Single. Day.

I love this Wednesday even more than I realized when I woke up at 4:20. I love being with the tribe on the stadium stairs, and I love what we do as a community of athletes. I hope today — with our hellos and goodbyes — we are each able to see how special it is. Only today, in these moments, with a group of tribe members who just showed up, will we ever have exactly today.

Every Wednesday special.

Every Day is special.


last dayers


and a few more things…

We all worked toward 40 sections today.  Owen Kendall had the balls guts to dare to set the NP Stadium record for Frogman1 on his last day as a Boston resident. BOOM.  If you’re Owen Kendall or everyone else, record your score for today.  This is what we  do.

owen start

Next Wednesday is the last Wednesday of the month.  It’ll be a special Wednesday too.  AND it’s Race Day, so prepare yourselves to #RaceEverything and set that PR in your sights.  We will also have #GrassrootsGear tagging.  That means it’s a good day to bring your shit and get it tagged.  And if you want to help out with tagging, photography, or general NP badassery for LWoTM, send me a message.

Friday we will do this thing called November Project–a free fitness movement for anyone who #JustShowsUp.  You could be at Summit Ave in Brookline at 6:28am and be ready to bounce with the tribe.  Make a verbal commitment to be there, which will help motivate you to get up.  This is how things work.


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