Emily, Emily, Emily. (We Missed You)

This blog was inspired by your absence at today’s workout, not just one letter but all the letters that make up your name, and the title sung just like Frank Sinatra does here: https://youtu.be/kvLTsJdX0V4

Dear Emily,

Tomorrow is my birthday, and Maggie & I thought it would be FUN to give everyone shinny new PR’s (personal record for a route or course attempted / completed) to celebrate a day early.

You were planning to join in on the fun:

And we aren’t sure why you didn’t make it!

So, we were left to speculate and wait for a status update via more of the social media, which I will now use pictures from that are inspired by the words that come to mind while spelling out your first name:

  • E is for ENERGETIC
This is her face during the weekend of the Dopey Challenge at Disney World, consisting of running a 5K, 10K, Half and Full Marathon in one weekend…
  • M is for MOVEMENT 
Originally, dance and theatre were your only games. We’re glad you high kicked running into the mix.
Spinning here for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. Have questions? Don’t worry, she’ll be posting about it. 

L is “for the way you look at me / us”

  • Y is for Y NOT
The shape of these humans makes a Y, and your FB caption referred to the same Mean Girls reference made in our other We Missed You blog post from today – so we’ve now come full circle here in the NP (opposite of) Burn Book.

We hope you’re okay.

We hope we made you laugh.

We hope you understand, from the obvious display of affection above, that we missed you.

Happy Wednesday,

Maggie & @sierra_missed

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