Embrace the WE (BAL)

Dear Tribe,
Thank you for waking up and running hills. Every morning you have options. Those options usually run something like this.
  1. Go back to sleep
  2. Eat a long luxurious breakfast full of animal product and/or low fat granola and organize peaches.
  3. Go to work early so that you can get nothing done for an extra hour of the day.
  4. Go to November Project and hug someone.
Pardon me if I forgot anything.
As I said, you always have options and it takes a special person to wake up and come join a group of strangers. Yet, what I realized (once again) today as I stood at the bottom of Baltimore Hill is that there were no strangers.

You see… November Project is a WE. We are bound by the fact that  we don’t hit snooze in the morning. We like to eat hills, saute stairs, bake burpees and put them all in one big blender of justice and drink our fitness smoothies with crazy straws. We talk about running shoes, we talk about Dr.Who, we talk about baseball and fashion and our crazy nights and our crazy mornings. Yeah, maybe we’re a little special but we’re a special kind of special…what’s more special than that.

The fact that you show up means you’re part of something bigger. Embrace the WE my fleet footed friends. Strike up a conversation on the hill or on the stairs, ask your fellow “Sweat-e” what they’re passionate about. Tell someone they’re beautiful. Run an extra lap. Tell someone you love their style. Do some burpees. Tell someone they’re getting faster…then race em! The tribe always has your back.

NP is for everyone. Recruit everyone. Love everyone. Lead the charge to Wednesday and thank you for being you!

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