NPSF welcomes El Niño with open arms

This morning, San Francisco got its first taste of the El Niño season ahead. Traditionally the California tribes get a little bit of slagging from the other tribes of the #Iron26. We are often labelled as weatherspoof, not weatherproof. Well things may be about to change.


For people not in the know, das Nino is a weather anomaly triggered by a weather machine that Weston constructed up in his WaterSmart startup.


Not only will this machine help alleviate California’s arid drought, but will also help reverse this November Project targeting of the southwest tribes. Science has shown that Canada and the northeast tribes are going to experience a record warm winter, whilst the deluge of torrential rain coming to the NP’s of SF-LAX-SD will leave them as the new #weatherproof kids in town. Science. Weather. Proof. Weatherproof. This figure shows the expected weather swing, obtained from the reliable resource of Paddy typing ‘El Nino’ into Google Image search.


(Source: the Google Image machine… invented by Connor Green)

The Nino is coming, and 42 brave souls (plus one tiny canine and a huge earthworm) didn’t give two fucks. After countless verbals were dropped over the weekend, the Tribe around you depends on you showing up Monday morning… and thank you for doing that! For the rest of the Tribe, hopefully this is going to be a wet wet wet winter. By fuck, California really needs it. So on Wednesday, don’t go near that snooze button. Drop your verbals. Brave the wet weather. Just. Show. Up. As we all know, you will never regret showing up.

ALTA PLAZA. 5:30 and 6:23AM. We’re planning on tagging during the late group so bring stuff to be tagged.


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