Either We Missed You Or(ly) #WeMissedYou (DCA)

Picture the scene:  It’s July 4th and friends are gathered around eating delicious America foods chatting about how AMAZING November Project is.  Orly May, lover of trails, ultras, Shabbat dinners, delicious beers, and fireworks told us how much she missed NP, how she needed someone to hold her accountable to show up on Monday, how she was looking for a roommate solely on their dedication to NP.

And then- it happened.  The thing we know so well and love so much.  A VERBAL.

When she verballed, Orly looked something like the above pic.

But then…. 


Well Orly, it was glorious, as always.  Were you really sleeping?  We aren’t so sure… because I’m pretty sure you may have been doing this


Or this


You know your neon tights and leopard print headbands are welcome at NP- we’re a glorious loving group.  And you know what?  We’re not mad, just disappointed.

We missed you Orly May!!!

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