Edmonton – Our Playground (YEG)

On Mondays we get the chance explore the city and use Edmonton’s public spaces as our playground.

Nadim picked this morning’s location and I, like many of you, drove around this morning looking for a parking spot unsure of where exactly the workout was going to be held. Was it in the empty parking lot? the fenced off grassy area? the abandoned building?…no…it was along a beautiful paved brick walkway that I didn’t even know existed until this morning. Perfect for a series of squats, pushups, planks, lunges, bridge thruster, leg lowers and sprints! I wonder how many times had I driven down this street and not even know this little gem existed? Many I am sure, it’s amazing what we fail to notice when we’re focused on getting to our destination and not on the journey to get there (although I am a safer driver when I am looking at the road ahead rather than checking out the surroundings…so I guess it is a good thing that I am not a distracted driver…but I digress).

I have been introduced to so many of Edmonton’s wonders because of November Project – spaces hidden to me until we started to explore and find destinations for decks, sprints, bridge wars, circuits, and tabatas. Beautiful green spaces, school tracks, fields with amazing views of our gorgeous river valley, city squares, playgrounds and jungle gyms, statues that I’d never seen in parks I’d been to hundreds of times, underpasses decorated in graffiti art…all of these discovered because we choose to explore and look at the city in a new way.

Mondays offer us this gift. A chance to discover the Edmonton and find amazing spaces to gather, sweat and build community.

Thank you for exploring with us and keep a look out for those perfect spots…they’re everywhere!

#justshowup 5:58AM

Wednesday – Commonwealth – Gate 2 (it may or may not be a co-leaders birthday…his mom even dropped a #verbal)

Friday – Walterdale Hill –  Tagging #grassrootsgear Bring one light/bright shirt and we’ll tag it with black spray paint.

Until next time…SMILE! J

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