Earth Day and More Paint Fumes (YEG)

I’m just waking up from my paint fume induced sleep after another tagging day, or it could be that I had night shift and I would be waking up anyway. As having all four leaders at the workouts is starting to feel like a normal thing, today was a small first for us where we had all four sets of stencils tagging gear, really the only important part was that we were able to power through all of the shirts you guys brought out, there were a lot. I guess thats what happens when we hadn’t tagged shirts in a while, gear gets smelly and new grassroots gear is in order, well, for me anyway. I hope Jerrold made it through the rest of his day ok.


Our friends from lululemon came out with 200 saplings to help celebrate Earth Day, if you took one, give some thought into why and where you will plant it. There are so many days out there that should be celebrated everyday, like International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day and Taco Tuesday, and Earth Day is one of those. We can take our planet for granted so easily and everything we do revolves around it, being a little more conscious about what we are doing to it can help that much more. Especially for November Project, we use these outdoor spaces officially three times a week, unofficially everyday, really, so show love for it today, tomorrow and the next. Hopefully that didn’t sounds too preachy.


Every time that I get to write the Friday blog I try to think about the cool things that tribies can and will be doing after they had their full share of hills for breakfast, but its the same each time, there’s a race that a bunch of us will be running in and cheering at, there are all the bikes that we will be riding, the mountains we will climb and the friends and family we will spend time with. So whether its one of these, a combination or something else thats just as sweet,  have fun doing it and make the most of it, I know I’m going to try. After all this, come back Monday at Churchill Square at 5:58am and tell someone about your weekend, ask someone about theirs.



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