Duck Duck…TURKEY! (YEG)

A big Thanksgiving “Thank You” to Dave and Myles who planned and ran today’s destination-October-traffic-circle-Monday workout. Today’s write up is brought to you by the one-and-only PinkTightsDave:

Today is thanksgiving in Canada. Being the polite country that we are we spend it celebrating being thankful for what one has and the bounty of the previous year.  Unlike our american counterparts, who think thanksgiving is in November, we do not celebrate by rioting at shopping malls, watching 30 different football games and celebrating the pilgrims victory over the native Americans.

Thanksgiving also means that our fearless leaders can take the day off and head to mountains.  When Jen and Nadim are away Myles and David get to play……duck duck turkey that is.  The tribe was strong this morning completing burpees, pushups, jumping jacks, lunges, squats, and hoisty J’s combined with laps around the circle.

After being called babysitters earlier in the week it was no surprise that Jen set up a nannycam that, surprisingly enough looked just like her, to monitor the workout this morning.

The tribe earned their turkey today. Thanks to my partner in crime Myles!


  • Wednesday at the Royal Glenora Stairs – Bring a friend!! We’re still reaching for 200. 6AM
  • Friday we’re at Emily Murphy Hill 6AM
  • Saturday Corn Maze Race here  DETAILS here 7PM


Today’s tribe substitutes – Myles & Dave
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