Drop Zone (DEN)

Things that happened today that you should know about:

There was no TP in the porter potty. Clearly demand is high so please bring your own TP to workouts from now on. Lt Dan can’t fit anymore junk in his backpack.

We did hill accelerations.

We did mountain climber turned push-up tabatas.

We debated the timing of Tabata intervals.

We tagged gear.

We hugged.

We went home.

Please be nice to the Kaitlin’s next Friday as they will be your substitute parents. You probably don’t know who the Kaitlin’s are so let me be more clear, Picante and Rumpshaker.

General Molly Out.

SAT 10AM: Boulder Run Company in Cherry Creek is hosting a run strength clinic sponsored by North Face. Ultramarathon champion Hal Koerner will be there. I love Colorado.


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