Dreams really do come true (YEG)

I wonder how many times Andrew dreamed of hoisting the Stanley Cup above his head? After losing game 7 of the Stanley Cup final during Calgary’s 2004 playoffs did he think he would get the chance to celebrate the ultimate victory? How sweet, surreal & dreamlike it must have felt when the final seconds of game 7, Boston vs Vancouver,  melted away and he knew he’d accomplished what most only every imagine.

nhl_g_ference11_200 IMG_0015

I bet Chris experienced the same feeling today. No longer the bridesmaid, Chris powered up and sprinted down our RG Stairs this morning with determination. I bet he’d been visualizing every step of those 28 minutes and 19 seconds for the last 30 days. And finally, after all of the hard work & training, Chris placed the much coveted Abe Lincoln top hat on his head. Question now is: Will he be able to defend his crown & repeat next month?

chris hat 1 chris hat 2

For all of you who PR’d this morning – Congrats! For all of you who raced your hearts out and set a target to beat next month – Way To Go! For all of you who rolled out of bed to #justshowup & move – Yay!!

Remember to enter today’s accomplishment in the tracker. You can also drop your verbal for Friday at the same time.

Friday – Emily Murphy Hill – 6AM #justshowup

PS: If you haven’t had a chance to read about our power couple, Bob and Colleen, take a moment and be prepared to be inspired! The Story of Colleen and Bob Scott

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