Do(something)nuts (DCA)

Goal: Meet one new person this weekend.

Side Project: Invite said person to November Project.

How to Recruit:

Here’s how it works. For some of us, it might be harder to accomplish. For some, talking to strangers comes easy. This tutorial is for the former group. The following can occur at many locations (elevator, stoplight, grocery store, barstool, out running, etc.). Strike up a conversation with someone using these steps:

1. Shove down that feeling of ‘I want to put in my headphones and just keep moving’ and smile.

2. Say Hi.

3. Ask them a question or compliment them (this could range from generic ‘How’s it going?’ to specific ‘You look fast in those sweet kicks’)

4. Get their name, chat for a few seconds, possibly work November Project into the convo (this part is not necessary but helps to create intrigue)

5. At the end of the convo, tell them it was great meeting them, possibly confirm a #verbal from them for a workout, and be on your way with a smile.

6. Rinse, Repeat.

Ok, so you read through this and thought to yourself, why? What’s the point? I have enough friends. I don’t feel like meeting someone new.

Besides the fact that we don’t want anyone to miss out on this positive community of yahoos of all ages, you never know what influence you could have on someones life…by just engaging them in a short conversation.

Also, if you recruit the most people this month, you win a free GPS watch from TomTom. WHAT?? YES.

Your recruits can start coming ASAP, but for it to count, they need to be at the #Sunrise6k (generic info from the last one) on 6.24.

So go out and start talking to (recruiting) people. Even if they don’t come to NP, you brightened their day. Make someone smile. Make them laugh. Change your city for the better.


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