Don’t Swim With Bears (IND)

Today in Indy, the 5:28am group was born!

2013-12-19 00.07.40

With a wind chill of 3 degrees ferinheight, 29 #Weatherproof tribemembers showed up to crush a circuit of Tricep Dips, Sargent Lumps,  Wall Sits, and Burpee Broad Jumps with stair running mixed in of course. Soon the layers were being stripped.

The workout was Elvis Leg worthy for some. #F***Yeah.

2013-12-19 00.50.16

A super duper #We’reGladYou’reHere to Newbies: Michael, James and Matt! Way to #JustShowUp!

And then there was Chris from NP_BOS! We get to keep Chris from NP_BOS for a month!

Kosta from NP_BOS and Marinna from NP_MKE traverballed just to have some #StairsForBreakfast with #NP_IND.  Mega props to those tribemembers who did both the 5:28am and 6:15am workouts. #TheTribeIsStrong.

See you at #NPFriendsgiving!!

And then see you next week! Wednesday Indiana War Memorial 6:15am North Stairs

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