Don’t Sweat The Petty, Pet The Sweaty.


Andrew Ference at November Project

With our good friend Andrew Ference on his very last day with us at November Project Boston we were happy to have a few great things going on. ONE: #FrogMan1 at our classic Wednesday location at Harvard Stadium. This workout will leave you shakin’ in your boots. #FrogMan1 remains one of our favorite beatdown workouts and we were happy to have a handful of members from both SF & MSN jumping right into the mix. TWO: We had awards for the top 4 men & women to finish today’s workout. Those awards will be given before the workout on Friday. THREE: Our video launched a few days ago and we ended up in a little news source called The New York Times. We’ll begin to see more and more press this month. Share this thing around and show the world what you’re helping to build. FOUR Big thanks to Ricki Feldman, Katie Fithian, Jana Ross, Evan Dana and Orrin Whalen for the refreshments and goodies at the section 19. You guys area great! FIVE: The going away hockey dude made hundreds of cupcakes happen from the local cats at Sweet Cupcakes. Many of them said NOVEMBER PROJECT while many others said FUCK YEAH. Nice touch man. Andrew, we’ll miss you man. Know that Boston will always welcome you back whenever you’re ready to return. Train hard, Tweet often. For the rest of you, we’ll plan to see you on Summit Ave this Friday.


SF is READY for #BetterThanBedtime2. The tribe continues to grow like a fungus. But a good fungus. Good butt fungus? Like a fungus that you eat. This just got awkward… ummm our workout was a mixed bag of every exercise. The goal was to have every body part sore ’til next Tuesday. Oh, and we will be running around the city with NP SNAP BRACELETS, snapping them on runner’s wrists to spread the NP word. WHAT?! I know.

coming soon…

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