Don’t Recruit

The community we want to build is based on a strong culture and being inclusive. By 9:10 this morning I had three conversations about NP with people who haven’t come… yet.


Having spent the first half of the workout watching us from his cruiser, Officer Ye pulled up to the crosswalk and got out of the car. Curious what prompted him to start walking and excited for an opportunity to get to talk to him, I walked over. It ends up he was just stretching his legs and was interested in learning more about NP. Perfect! There’s no way a “you have to join” would have been helpful. But, after talking about how NP is an international movement to build an athletic community of all abilities — olympians to fresh-off-the-couchers — he changed his tone from time conflicts to how he could figure out how to make it. That shift there, THAT is the magic. Imagine thousands of those little shifts across the globe: people waking up early because they prioritized community and fitness and figured out how to make it work. Officer Ye, we hope to see you on Summit Ave soon!


Rolling up alongside a few other quick cyclists en route to work, I was thrilled to turn a potential competition into a fun conversation. The male ego is a marvelous thing, causing impromptu silent races on the esplanade and every cycle lane. The trick to breaking through the “I am your competitor” mentality seems to be saying anything that puts you both on the same plane. Some fancy-schmancy car was being a jerk, so I warned my fellow commuters at the next light and instantly the tone shifted to camaraderie. One of my new buddies was particularly quick so I posed that he might enjoy joining us next Friday. Seeming intrigued, he then was quite happy to hear that the timing worked perfectly since we were already both heading in at the same time, me having done the run and him heading in to work. Dude on the blue bike, we’d love to have you come play on the hill with us next week!


Now at work, sipping a coffee and writing the blog, I see a co-worker who also ran the JPM Corporate Challenge last night. She mentioned being excited about having had a great race and inspired to get out and train for something. The seconds feel like hours as I patiently take two breaths and withhold shouting “NP!”. How cool is it that she’s excited about doing more! Previous “campaigning” of NP by others hasn’t been fruitful and I could tell that insisting would only widen a gap between us. However, we could certainly both get behind the idea that 400 people on a Wednesday morning (convenient location for her) would certainly be worth an early morning — I mean, it’s definitely a unique experience you can’t get anywhere else. I’m not convinced she’s coming next week, but I’m really glad she’s feeling inspired and will continue to remind her that I’d be really happy to be able to show her how welcoming we are.

We invite, we include, we challenge. We figure it out, we find options, we keep our verbals. We. Just. Show. Up.

Today we made friends and muscle as we did loops of the front hill plus stair spice. Deniz made a good announcement for us to keep to the left on the stairs so HR Carl would be happy. How many laps did you get in? Track it!

Mondays are special. This one will be artsy-fartsy. Come play with us – the workout will be worth your early alarm! Verbal and find out the location on our tracker.

To the person reading this blog, we want you to join us. We want your energy feeding our work outs.

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday at 6:30am!

-Evan and #DE




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