Don’t Let It Go (DCA)

Stop. Just Stop. Stop singing. Stop letting it go. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you weren’t one of the ~100 brave souls to venture out into the winter wonderland of DC. The cold never bothered us anyway. Why? This little thing called being WEATHERPROOF. Hi. Hello. Yeah, we’re still here. Steps might be closed and work might be optional for the federal government but there’s nothing like starting your day with snow angels, sunrises, smiles (under layers), hugs, and a little hokey pokey. The FOMO is building inside you. I can hear it. I can feel your heart beating faster. So stop complaining, layer up, and get your ass out of bed for our COLDEST workout…

This FRIDAY AM: Negative temperatures? Who cares. Dress properly, borrow some body heat from your friends, and get moving. It could be worse. We could live in NW Canada. We could be buried under 6+ feet of snow. If those people are still showing up, you can too.

#EarnYourWeekend, 6:30AM, Pershing Park.


This FRIDAY PM: #RecruitingPapers Party. Shake Shack, Union Station. Bring cardboard, a tracing implement, an old cd, scissors, and FRIENDS. If you show up to this and not the AM workout, we’ll judge you slightly. RSVP for event is here for those on FB

NEXT WEDNESDAY: #Sunrise6K. Run more kilometers than Friday’s degrees Fahrenheit. Prove that DC is the fastest. Normal meeting spot. 5:30AM and 6:30AM start #RaceEverything

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