Don’t End Up in a Roadside Ditch (DEN)

I liken the accountability of the November Project tribe to the Satellite TV commercial which highlights the demoralizing effects of your cable company placing you on hold:  When you show up to November Project, you meet more people. When you meet more people, you end up making awesome friends. When you have awesome friends, you get excited to show up to November Project workouts. When you are excited to show up to November Project workouts, you get fit, fast, healthy, and happy, while having fun and hanging out with your friends.

As a reminder to #RaceEverything, we want your fit, fast, healthy, and happy selves to sign up for races. We want you to sign up for an imtimidaing race, get scared, crush it, impress yourself, and sign up for another race. We have been graciously welcomed into the North Face Endurance Challenge race series and offer you the following in vacation planning:

Your friendly November Project hosts have discount codes available to those who want to participate in Marathon relays at these races.

Todays’ positivity award was transferred by way of Haiku written on a paper receipt. Way to go Isabel, in your delightful script and for traveling high with the oar handle. And well deserved, Megan, post your pics of the adventures of the oar to our Facebook page!

Keep on huggin,


FRIDAY 6:15A: Highland Gateway Park (2533 19th St Denver, CO). Point you bikes toward Prost Brewing Company and meet us at the crooked basketball court.

WEDNESDAY 5:30 & 6:15A: Civic Center Ampitheater: Grassy Plaza with notable architecture.

14,000 Foot high Positivity Award travels with Isabel.
photo 4
Positivity Awarded to Megan


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