Dont drown in those baby blues – Kevin Waz

The following is a product of Kevin Waz… writer, dancer, mean mug guru

“Our fair city has welcomed us into the dead of winter in the only way it knows how: blizzard-like conditions among two back-to-back snowfalls, gifting some locals with nearly 21 inches of the fluffy white stuff. But, it is well-known that the tried-and-true training tribe of Chicago is #weatherproof … and it’s going to take a lot more weather to prevent us from inching towards our 2015 fitness goals. So, with new faces and warm embraces we promptly gathered once more at Chitown’s newest fitness hotspot: Club Igloo, 6:28a.m.

We were inspired this morning by one of our most-fit and cheerful tribesmen, the birthday boy himself: Daniel Meer. And, as only he could, he spirited the tribe through a booty-busting workout in his (now famous) Junderwear. (For those out-of-the-know, these are hand-crafted cut-off jean shorts worn over winter workout leggings.) By the attire alone, we should have known what we were in store for: booty duty.


Photo Feb 04, 9 40 43 AM


But, what good is a strong gluteus without someone to share it with? So, as a perfect entrance into February (and with all accompanying love in the air), much of the fitness routine was built around partner maneuvers. Our childhoods were beckoned by a warmup of skips and sing-along songs, soon followed by partner-carry runs over the snow-covered terrain. Only one minor slip and fall was recorded but in true #NP_Chi fashion, it was dusted off and the fitness continued. More on this later.

Further partner-paired workouts included partner-facing push-ups (while engaging in sultry stares) and the tribe’s new love, the “infamous Beckies” (#thanxBecky). Combining both the iceberg conditions of Club Igloo, and our inner Kate Winslet fandom, we were pushed to work our washboards with a “Titanic” inspired “Draw-me-like-one-of-your-French-girls”-planks … and standard, un-inspired planks. (#thanxBrent). Interval sprints, snow tackles, leg kicks, and Kobe jumps rounded out the morning at the Club.

As a result of his ice-fall resilience and unwavering spirited devotion to the tribe, Mitch was the day’s Spirit Stick recipient. Well-deserved, buddy. Ice up. Before leaving, however, and just when he thought his day was complete, he was found to be a surprise contestant of a new #NP_Chi tradition: a staring contest. Stature differential aside, he was no match for “no-blink” Noa, cold wind and contacts-complaints notwithstanding. You both inspired us all, and gave our abs a culminating, unintended stimulation: laughter.

We came. We saw. (We hugged). We conquered. … and it was beautiful.”

Pass out those recruiting papers… #FridaysAreComing.


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