Juliana, dog trainer extraordinaire, recruiter of NPers, you teach us so many things without us even realizing it.  Show up to NP (click), big hips in hugs (treat), and post workout donuts (super, high value treat).

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Just as you do with your dogs, you secretly manipulate our behaviors using your scientific, positive reinforcement techniques. You shape our behaviors for the better and before we know it, we find ourselves at NP not just on Wednesdays, but Mondays and Fridays too. We’ve learned the essentials of dog training life from you: Consistency (M/W/F) and Timing (6:30 am).  As our trainer, we can always rely on you to be there to cue our actions with high fives, hugs, and f*ck yeahs…and to pose for an obligatory Insta right after! #happyhappy

C:\Users\friedmae\Desktop\Juliana - We Missed You!\1966834_10155229926435618_691688435314601309_n.jpg


We thought you had us trained.  We thought we had YOU trained to always be there for us.  But something happened today.  Today, our trainer didn’t show up.  We found ourselves doing awkward side hugs, and wandering aimlessly around the Lincoln.

C:\Users\friedmae\Desktop\Juliana - We Missed You!\1923298_1010554104051_2511_n.jpg

Are we supposed to go up the stairs? Are we supposed to go around? Do we run up the right side? And where are our rewards for a job well done??

You promised us you’d be there.  You even said you were going to leave even earlier this morning.

C:\Users\friedmae\Desktop\Juliana - We Missed You!\IMG_2642.PNG

We anxiously searched for you during our morning bounce, thinking perhaps you just needed to take a quick detour during the run in.  But sadly, we never saw that high ponytail among our friends this morning.  There was no infectious smile or positive reinforcement this morning. There were just faces of disappointment.


Luckily, you’ve been training us long enough for us to know we should come again on Friday.  And we hope we’ll see you again soon.  We hope the sleep was worth it.


Next time, maybe take it easy the night before; we all know you didn’t really go to yoga, or join our watch party at Public right after. We all know how you spend your Tuesday evenings…

C:\Users\friedmae\Desktop\Juliana - We Missed You!\1016667_3134323436957_5138764_n.jpgC:\Users\friedmae\Desktop\Juliana - We Missed You!\1919055_1358314877853_3959283_n.jpg

We can forgive. We understand your feelings of despair. We even relate to your FOMO.

C:\Users\friedmae\Desktop\Juliana - We Missed You!\IMG_2643.PNG

So get up…get out there…enjoy the Dunkin you “earned” this morning

C:\Users\friedmae\Desktop\Juliana - We Missed You!\IMG_2646.PNGUntitled2

Maybe double up tomorrow after your 12-miler MCM training run?

C:\Users\friedmae\Desktop\Juliana - We Missed You!\1907539_10204446194338540_5466739341049882193_n.jpg

Because, Juliana, we’re lost without you, and WE MISSED YOU!

C:\Users\friedmae\Desktop\Juliana - We Missed You!\10958570_4387393282920_7125294849988829139_n.jpg

See you Friday – 6:30 AM – at Lovejoy Park

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