Does the Fountain of Youth really work?


So today we met at our usual fountain or maybe it is actually the fountain of youth?  Pounce de Leon, a Spanish conquistador, claimed he found the fountain of youth in 1474.  We at November Project since 2015 meet at our own fountain in hopes to remain just a little bit younger or at least be able to act like a child every Wednesday morning.  While some may not believe in the fountain of youth I have to say I do because I have been there.  It exists in Saint Augustine Florida, where today’s positivity award winner (Mr. Andy) use to live.  Maybe that is why Eugene thought Andy was my younger brother (who is over 3 years older) and also believes that he is aging much better than I.


Either way I am sure as the whole tribe was fiercely racing up the killer hill on PR day they all wished they had a magic carpet rather then just a fountain that may or may not make us youthful.  Matter of fact I actually found a member venturing off in the woods to look for a genie in a bottle to grant a wish of having a bathroom open at 6:45am. On second thought maybe that member was just making his own bathroom out in the woods, who really cares.  So after over half of the tribe PR’d today we decided to take a 2 minute dip in the fountain to see if it was actually magical.  I can’t say that anyone was kissed by a mermaid and was made into a child again but, I can say that we now blame the copious amount of water on our body that it came from the fountain and not our sweat glands. #notasgrossaswelook


Great job today tribe!  We missed you LP and Angelo!

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