Does anyone else feel weird? (SD)

Between waking up in a little bit of a fog, getting a text message from Mr. Brogan Graham himself backing out of a verbal for this morning, missing Jessie (plus about 40 other “core” tribe members) at the workout, wet stuff falling from the sky, finishing a workout without breaking a sweat myself, and the singing voice of Cade going “Hoistee! Fuck Yeah! Hoistee! Fuck Yeah!” for 30 minutes – I feel weird.

Oh, and this.


Does anyone else feel weird? Is weird the new normal? I hope so. Normal is so 2014.

For those of you that did show up this morning, I hope you feel weird too. Cause if you do, it means you were there and you were part of whatever magic took place today. Plus, being the only weird one sounds lonely.

Boring But Important:

– Don’t forget to give your Recruiting Paper out to someone you think you may want to get weird with. Wait, what?

– I have a growing collection of clothing left at NP workouts in my garage. If you do not ask me for your clothes back by this weekend, they are going to Goodwill!

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