Doctor Evil Pinky (BOS)

When I got home and uploaded photos from this morning is when I realized how huge our attendance was! Between the 5:30 and 6:30AM groups we had enough people to fill out two sections of comfortable seating. But we don’t do comfortable seating. We pack it in tight. Sweaty elbows and shoulders touching. And we pose with our backs straight, our faces serious, and our hands doing a Doctor Evil pinky. So why do we do all that? Because it’s fun! Because it doesn’t make sense and it makes BG and me laugh our faces off. But most importantly because no one else in this city is posing with one million of their closest friends while their right hand pinky is gently touching the corner of their lip. If you think it’s weird or silly, you probably wont come back, but if you share our stupid sense of humor, you’ll come back again, and you’ll accidentally get fit.

On Friday, our friends Micah and Grace will host the last Summit Ave Pool Party of 2014. As the weather is getting colder and the school is just around the corner, our generous host wont be able to throw any more of these exclusive socials so they’re looking to have one last hoorah of the season. Who gets to attend will be disclosed on Friday morning, so you’ll just have to come to see if you’re eligible to participate. This is the workout you wont want to miss!

Happy Wednesday Y’all!


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