Do You Know What Day It Is??

It’s HUUUMMMMPPPPP DAAAAAAAYYYYY! Now where’s that silly camel? I think I saw him over by the playground – but that could very well be the paint fumes. Everyone showed up in full force today! There were people we’ve never met before, people we haven’t seen in weeks, people poppin in from the other side of country! It. was. awesome. The time’s are a-changing (seasonally, to be specific) and that means the pink morning skies have returned to our fair city. This obviously means we will have at least 5 cool sunrise pics over the next few months… you’re welcome. I seem to remember reports of Bear sightings at the last pink-sky workout…coincidence? We shall see…

Great job crushing the Final Hump tribe, you get more ferocious with every month.
Keep your eyes and ears open for the deets on BetterThanBedtime – they’ll be dropping like hotcakes soon.

Be Happy. Be Strong. Be BRIGHT SD!

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