Do not fear, November Project is here. (SEA)

There’s a phenomenon that exists in the world when an individual (or small group) has separated themselves from a larger group or tribe, and because of that separation, said individual(s) feels they can no longer return to said group or tribe.  I imagine it has a name, but we’re going to refer to it as the Bullshit Complex.  The Bullshit Complex can be seen many different areas of one’s life.  However, it is most relevant in the world of fitness.

Whether it’s your spin class, your favorite yoga instructor, or the cute dude at your crossfit gym, you have established yourself as a regular.  You walk in and people know your name.  Some times, you forget your water bottle, but no sweat.  Cute dude at crossfit gym knows you.  He’ll share his.  You’re a staple.  But then life happens.  You roll your ankle, you go on a couple vacations, your work schedule changes, or maybe (just maybe) you find a different fitness group that you really like (*gasp*).  Whatever the case may be, you simply cannot bring yourself to return to cute dude crossfit gym.  No way.  They’ll know you left, they’ll call you out, and cute dude will NOT share his water with you any more. Or, so you think.  This is the Bullshit Complex.

Do not fear, ladies and gentlemen, November Project is here.  We’re a #FREE fitness community comprised of weirdos that show up once or twice a week at the butt crack dawn to work out (but mainly to socialize).  We hold no grudge, our expectations are low, and we really, really want you to come back.  So put the Bullshit Complex to rest and (you guessed it) just show up.

The tribe is strong, and even stronger with you.


Friday, May 27 – Seattle Center @ 6:29am

  • There’s a rumor buzzing around that we’ll have a visitor from corporate November Project (no, it won’t be the two massive rowers).

Wednesday, June 1 – Global Running Day

  • We’re partnering up with Brooks and Nuun to host a #Sunrise6K
    • It’s simple: #JustShowUp at 6:29am, bounce, hug, race, awards/prizes, photo, Wednesday. Check it out on Facebook.
    • Can’t run? #JustShowUp
  • Brooks will be awarding a #FREE pair of shoes to next week’s winner, as well as raffling off a couple pairs of new running shoes.
  • Nuun will be keeping the hydration flowing.
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