Do I Need to Repeat Myself?


What was that?


Ok ok, I’ll REPEAT myself.

Today’s workout was called The Repeat.  It’s the front hill–and repeat it (so 2 front hills in a row), then the stairs–and repeat them (so 2 full Summit Path stairs in a row), and finally the back hill–and repeat it (so 2 back hills in a row).  If you finished the repeats before time was called, then you…ahem…repeat the whole thing.

Apparently much of the tribe was confused so we should have repeated ourselves many more times than we already did.  We’ll get it next time, kids.  Fortunately, even if you had no idea what to repeat or how many times, the tribe was fierce and strong.  We crushed us some hill/stair repeats and earned ourselves a dip in the pool.


The pool.

We sort of feel like it’s become the NP pool.  (because it has!) But officially it still belongs to the incredible family in the blue house (Grace, Micah, Jordanna, Adam and Ruthe). Every summer we have at least one big pool party and today was the first one for 2016 because the pool deck has been under construction all summer. I don’t know many families who welcome 200 sweaty runners into their pool even after hosing them off in the front yard.  But this crew is a special one.  Maybe we can thank the fact that Grace started 1st grade yesterday and she really wanted to swim BEFORE school today, or that there’s been a severe lack of sweaty runners in the pool all summer long so it was just long overdue–but we needed that today.  Thanks friends.  Thank you family of NP who keep being kind and generous and making this community even closer, stronger, and tighter-knit.

And on MONDAY we’ll meet at a body of water of another kind…the Boston Common Frog Pond.  Don’t maybe.  Don’t “we’ll see how I feel on Sunday evening.” Don’t go out of town to do those relaxy things like vaca over the Labor Day holiday weekend.  Don’t even take off your running shoes or running swimming clothes from this morning.  Maximize efficiency and stay dressed for Monday morning.  It’ll be the best part of your long weekend.  Drop a verbal and get the exact location for 9/5 Destination Deck.  Do I need to repeat myself?

Destination Deck on Monday.

Boston Common Frog Pond




Can you hear me now?  One more announcement so listen up!

A Cheer Station is needed for the Baltimore Marathon on Oct 15, 2016.  You know how NP shows the fuck up at the Boston Marathon right next to the water station that we take over?  You know how runners who know nothing about NP and probably nothing about how amazing the city of Boston is run past mile 18 in Boston and have the greatest moment out of all their 26.2 miles?  Well, we want to rally the Boston spirit and bring some cheer, some love, some FUCK YEAHs, and some weird, kind awesomeness to Baltimore. We want to support NP_BAL as they get more and more tribe members to run the race and as they take over more and more of city of Baltimore with kind community, hugs, and free as fuck fitness.  Do you have enough cheer to be on the NP_BOS cheer squad? Or do you just want to take a road trip to Baltimore with some average-to-awesome human beings?  Holler back if you’re interested.  (Message us on NP_BOS Facebook if you have questions or just post on NPBoston Social and get the crew started!)




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