Dizzy Monday (YEG)

Random Monday morning thoughts (because I find it hard to put sentences together on Monday morning):

Doing 40 spins might have been one of the best ideas I have ever had.

This must be what Tanis feels like every morning.

I was so dizzy that I forgot the deck of cards on the patch of grass. Genius idea.

There’s something about that Telus building that just draws your eyes to it. I don’t know what it is, but it is definitely not the sight of a light turning on.

Speaking of light, there definitely was not enough for the group photo.


Wednesday is going to be fun. We’ve decided that, in order to ensure maximum level of fun, Jen and I will leave the province for Wednesday’s workout.

Ryan and Tanis think they can get more people, and have more fun than us, so they will be leading the bounce (and setting up the light).

Have you signed up for our tracker yet? It’s still new, but we’ll be adding things to it in the future. It takes less than 3 clicks to sign-up.

November Project NYC co-leader, Coach Honerkamp, was the pacer for my tennis crush this weekend at the New York Marathon. Guess how jealous I am?

I absolutely love seeing other tribes post that it was snowing this past weekend. Karma might get back at me for this, but at least we will know what to wear.

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