Dive In (DCA)

Picture this: a serene spring afternoon, sun is shining, glinting off the water as you stand there contemplating your next move. A crisp wind keeps it cool but the sun is just warm enough to induce some forehead sweat. You dip your toe in the water and pull back frantically due to an icy chill that shakes your spine. You have one of two options:

1. If you choose to walk as slow as possible into the lake/pool/ocean, slowly letting the chilled water engulf you, turn to page 9.

2. If you choose to run and dive in so that you can just get on with it, keep reading.

Seeing as there is no page 9, you should all just keep reading.

This is what we want you to do. DIVE IN. Sure, you read the WaPo article and then you saw the CBS article. How many articles/blogs/suggestions from friends will it take? I’ll make you a deal. Your side? Show up to a workout. On our end, we’ll make sure you have a happier, healthier, full of laughter and smiles and hugs life. How much is it? $0. Next week it’ll be half off. Stop toeing the water. Start running. Commit to it. JUMP IN. The water is fine. It’s more than fine. It’s the most fantastic water you’ve ever encountered. When? This Friday. Next Monday. Next Wednesday. Pick a day. Commit to it. Set your alarm now. Tell a friend. Have someone hold you accountable. We want you to show up because we know that you’re awesome and we want to meet you. So don’t let us down.

Those of you that already show up, don’t be the reason that others are missing out! Invite people you know. Invite people you don’t know. And when people you don’t know show up, welcome them with open arms and ears.


The quest for #500inDC and #3014 in North America continues. Get that many people to a workout and your two favorite co-leaders will get tatted up #TattooVerbal

FRIDAY: Nat’s Ballpark, meet at the corner of South Capital and P st. 6:30AM. Rock baseball attire (caps, jerseys, socks, gloves, etc.) #EarnYourWeekend #NP_Playoffs

PR winners from September: Get your Sweetgreen on Monday #HillsForBreakfast



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