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  1. Frostbite is real.  So is proper layering.
  2. We Sunrise 6K’ed at 530 and 600 this morning.
  3. Air temp 11, Wind chill 2 damn degrees.
  4. Onesies are 100% appropriate layering material
  5. Still can’t feel my right big toe.  I fear it might be gangrenous.

(Read in African safari whisper) 

It was a dark and bitter cold morning as shadowy figures stepped onto the icy, snow-packed road of Washington Park.  They knew well what lay ahead, but spoke in hushed tones as race day jitters coursed through their veins like a salmon running for its mate.  Do fish run?  I guess we call those salamanders now.  Thanks, Darwin.  With conditions less than optimal, the weatherproof salamanders, some disguised as other members of the animal kingdom in onesies, toed the line.  With the laser like focus of a donkey in heat, the tribe was off.

As the tribe ran wild through the snow-covered woods of Wash Park, it became clear that the elements were no match for this weatherproof animal kingdom.  Icy, snow-packed roads, darkness the likes of Tom Brady’s soul, and air so cold it made your nose hairs stand at attention couldn’t keep the tribe from conquering their jitters or overcoming their social anxiety of ice skating.

(End African safari whisper)

The theme here is simple.  You all are badasses.  It’s never too cold.  It’s never too dark.  It’s never too early (going out on a limb, here).  You’re out here not only for yourselves, but you’re out here for the rest of us, too.  And that means something.  In a world dominated by every man, woman, and child for themselves, you’re showing up understanding that you can pull and push others along on your way to the top.

I’m out for a few weeks to photograph koalas and elephants in South America.  I’ll miss you all dearly.


Major Wood


Wed (12/23): You’re at Molly’s mercy and you’ll be at THE CAPITOL BUILDING. 5:30/6:15 group, per usual.

Fri (12/25): Plans for Jesus’ b-day party are TBD but you can count on something going down.

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