Dirty Thirty Strikes Again

Yes, we hug. Yes, we laugh. And yes, we kick some serious ass. The sun knew it was coming and stayed hidden behind the clouds. Like Thor’s Hammer, the Dirty Thirty has struck again, let’s go to peanut gallery and see what the masses have to say:

“I was more sore after NP last week than after climbing Mt. Whitney”

“It’s natural, dirty, and coming in from behind” – Eric, on Hugs

“I love you life!”

“I love your wife??”

“This one time, at November Project…”

“I can’t feel my arms, and I like it”

“One more sprint, then I guess I should go take my kids to school”

“I curtsey-lunge like a man, damnit”

And those are just the ones that stood out…it’s amazing what can happen when 90+ people come together. Kicking ass is just one example. As we approach our 1st Birthday (hell yeah kids, we turn ONE next week) we’re excited like a pig in shit (or puppy if you’re in my household) to festivus the anniversary of our SoCal birth…but seriously…we want a BIG ASS PARTY. Bring your Mom. Bring your husband. Bring your cousin. And definitely bring the random guy sitting next to you on the bus, looking over your shoulder as you read this. We’ll be tagging, partying and setting some PR’s next week – so lets ring in Year ONE with a bang! Get it, get after it good.

Be Happy. Be Strong. Be BRIGHT SD!!

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