#DestinationDeck Southie

It’s not like you didn’t see it coming. Let’s be honest, every time we organize the workout close to the body of water we just can’t help ourselves……. we have to jump…… on the walls.

Remember last July? Yeah, me neither. But luckily we write blog posts that, after a while go into archives, that can be easily accessed though your smart phones that have the data plan, but you have to have at least two signal bars for it to work, otherwise that one bar will make you wait 5 minutes to download one photo. Or you can access our blog post archives through your computer that is connected to the internet via cable that plugs in the back panel, or the side panel, or through the wireless signal receiver that’s built into the computer, so you don’t have to use the cables. The more I think about it, the more I appreciate how much technology goes into obtaining information from the internet. But I digress…

Through (as demonstrated above, not so simple) search of the dusty archives of the gong-show that November Project Blog is, I managed to find the post that I wrote last time our #DestinationDeck location was in Southie. Like this morning, 13 months ago, we jumped on the wall “as a warm-up”, but instead of beach sprints, this morning we did 7 minutes of burpees. I bet that no-one saw that little surprise, especially since we just did 7 minutes of burpees not that long ago.

Speaking of surprises, my phone “surprised” me by telling me that there is a VERY good chance of rain showers on Wednesday. One thing you should know about November Project is, that some of the best workouts went down when rain, sleet, or snow were involved. See you in few days. #RainOrShine!


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