#DestinationDeck Charles River Canoe & Kayak

Earlier this summer, one of our #DestinationDeck locations was in Lower Allston by the canoe dock that’s operated by Charles River Canoe & Kayak (CRCK). That workout had nothing to with water or kayaks – it actually involved a lot of goose poop – but that is when the idea of including water sports into our #DestinationDeck was born. In order to make the idea into reality there are a lot of moving parts. In our case, the biggest challenge was persuading Mark Jacobson, GM or Charles River Canoe & Kayak, that having 200 people racing two seat boats is a great idea. This is where our friend Drew Messinger stepped in.


When he’s not running camps, cross-country skiing, or enjoying the great outdoors, Drew is working at CRCK, and if it wasn’t for him, this morning we would be doing pushups and situps on some baseball field. Thanks to Drew and Mark, and the squad of people that helped get our soggy bottoms get in and out of kayaks (Will, Caroline, Megan, and Chandra), we got to run laps, do burpees, and race our fellow tribesmen and tribeladies up and down Broad Canal in two-seat kayaks. Was it fun? We’ll have YOU decide. Charles River Canoe & Kayak, you guys are generous and amazing hosts, and we can’t thank you enough for making our Monday morning very special!

Stay tuned for the recap of #BetterThanBedtime from all the cities of #NP17, and if not sooner, we’ll see you on Wednesday!


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