Destination Deck with the Babysitters Club!


First of we missed you ALOT! But we left you good hands of course. We had Andrew Bordwell, the man of the mythical Beard and challenger of Angelo’s abs out there repping ME, Ashleigh.  Because we are brother and sister for those of you who have no idea!  And then we have Alex and Jeff, the love birds that just can’t seem to get enough of each other and make the rest of us say “yuck” in jealousy repping Lauren and  Angelo. Because well, I guess their really stinken cute too.
These larger then life and talented trio lead the rest of the fearless and most attractive tribe in the world through a destination deck.  You all bonded through a series of partner push ups, hoisties, sit ups and mt climbers! Don’t forget those dang jokers where we exhausted our optimally tone limbs with scissor jumps and burpees.

Even though that deck is a workout in itself we didn’t stop there mainly because we are also the most fit tribe ever.  We had to add in running miles just so we could be satisfied with our Monday morning work out.  Cause let’s be honest most of us will be doing doing a second workout this evening because we are also the most bad ass tribe.
Let’s see if we can pick any fights with dubbing ourselves the best tribe at literally everything.

Tribe we missed you, we will see you Wednesday at Balboa and we hope you treated you babysitters as poorly as you treat us.
Be Happy. Be Strong. Be Bright SD!

The best Announcements:
1) Balboa Park Wednesday
2) Morely tennis field next Monday
3) Congratulate Jenna and Larry on completing Ironman Arizona
4) BG turned 1 years old today

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