Derby Days (DEN)

You’d think I’d have a lot to run my mouth about after being away for five Wednesdays and five Fridays but really all that’s coming to mind right now is how proud and lucky I feel to be part of such a solid community. The type of community that you can leave for five weeks only to return to familiar faces, newbie faces, hugs, high fives and high energy good times. I knew that’s exactly what I’d be walking into this morning, as I’ve done every Wednesday two years, but I still surprise myself at just how much of a mood booster it is. Life is truly better when your weeks are spiked with the infamous NP high. Summary: you’re great, don’t change. What should change, however, is the weather. I’m not sure if it was humid this morning as I have selectively forgotten what humidity feels like because that’s not supposed to be a “thing” in Colorado.

Highlights from this morning include the positivity pass off from Isabel, our favorite dual NP citizen, to Charis who hasn’t stopped smiling since the day she first showed up, Matthew’s creative twist on the dog bone track, spinning hoistees, and Daryl from the City. On a side note, I love the way you guys are in no way phased by a perfect stranger in normal clothes with a NASA grade camera lens standing on stepping ladders to take close ups of your faces. No questions asked. You’re all fucking natural celebrities. Thanks Daryl for the great shots! Finally, to anyone that considers themselves a newbie of the last five weeks who was probably wondering who the hell the small non Dan or Matthew girl was this morning and why she was yelling so much, I’m Molly and it’s nice to meet you.

Next FRIDAY (6/19) is the SUNRISE 6K 2.0. The early group will start at 5:15 and the normal 6:15 group will start at 6:00. Please show up at least 90 seconds before your starting time at the Cheeseman Park Pavillion. For those of you that raced last time, you have a title to defend. For those of you that will make this your first 6k ever, you have a record to set. The theme is….ready……. #GRASSROOTSGEAR. If you need some freshies bring gear next Wednesday to be tagged. There will be fun, food, prizes, and a special tag for people who race. Spread the word.

This FRIDAY (6/12) we will be at the Little Man Ice cream hill. Meet at Hirshorn Park (3000 Tejon St.)  5:30/6:15am.

Thanks for having me back! xoxo Molly

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