Denver’s Glass: more than half full, but not spilling over (DEN)

At November Project we try our hardest to see the good in things, the glass half full, the silver lining, the rainbow after the rain, our cups runneth-ing over. For the most part, I think we do a pretty good job of that. Today’s workout glass was 3/4 full with 1/4 lost, confused and hurt. Allow me to elaborate:

25% of today’s glass (we will continue the metaphor from here on out in which the glass will represent today’s workout) was filled with free and flowy yoga led by our one and only Alex Ammons for those tribe members who needed to taper and/or get their Om on this morning.

25% of today’s glass was filled with a heart pumping, card flipping, jock jams jamming, fresh workout.

25% (this is a stretch) was filled with free Jazzercise for those that weren’t quite chill enough for yoga vibes, but weren’t quite ready to bound up stairs and throw down for pushups and mountain climbers. A quick disclaimer on Jazzercise for those that missed it today: Its a thing. Rumor says that its something thats done in San Francisco in place of the workout. Only YOU can start the jazzercise movement, Denver tribe. I say that because I think that we would be fired if we encouraged all of our workouts to move in that direction.

Final 25% of the glass that WAS NOT FULL. Don’t get me wrong, our glass was more than half full today but without this final 25% we just were not spilling over. This was all thanks to Kim Chinn. Kim Chinn who hates to be hugged. Who silently will beat you in every workout, who was one of the pioneering members of 5:30, who was crowned fastest female in the tribe by our bi-annual Sunrise6k. Kim Chinn, you kind of broke our hearts this morning. Who would have guessed when Laura trustingly passed the torch to you last week in attempts to keep the 5:30 positivity spirit alive, that you would take it and run away with your fast self, only to not come back with it this morning. It’s always a confusing morning for all of us when Kim and Laura are not at the 5:30 group, because I’m pretty sure we started it for them, but its an even more confusing morning when their absence is coupled with the absence of our coveted positivity award. Only one other time in our history has the positivity award been betrothed and then not returned the next time. I would like to want to not name names, but I don’t care.  It was Aaron Epps. Aaron Epps even went so far as to show up without it. He has not received it since. But I digress, and now realize that I have spent more time focusing on this mornings one negative rather than on the multitude of unicorns and rainbows and furry animals that was the energy of this morning.

To those going off to Park City this weekend for the 3rd annual #NPSUMMIT: have fun out there. Race hard. Throw elbows at other cities tribe members when they’re not looking so we can win, but please hug them warmly when you encounter them off the course. You’re in for a great weekend. I promise you.

xoxo Molly

FRIDAY we will be at the Littleman Icecream Hill! Meet at Hirshorn Park (3000 Tejon St). 6:15 only, but you are more than welcome to show up early and get in a double or triple of marathon.  

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