Deconstruct Sebastian

So as we close out our month of the  back to school edition of Mayhem Monday where we rehashed our inner child, I think it’s an appropriate time to remember that even though we miss those carefree days, with no aches and pains in our rubbery bodies, we are actually in a much better place now.  I mean besides Sharon’s daughter and a few other lucky kiddos, none of us were ever at November Project at the age 7.  And this Shit Is Good!  Our Tribe Rocks!  As children we all may have been part of a tribe, crew, group, clique or secret club but we usually had to prove ourselves worthy to some A-hole that thought they were way cooler then everyone.   And we all at some point endured embarrassment that our sole called friends inflicted on us because we had Walmart sneaks on instead of Nike.  And we all at some point wanted to deconstruct Sebastian (the jerk that froze your underwear, gave you a wedgie, or wet towel snapped you) with our fist.
But like I said before we are much better off now! We now just deconstruct Sebastians in a non abusive way to simply get stronger, be better.  We now get accepted to this bad ass tribe for simply being human, no judgement, just love.  And the only feelings allowed are positive vibes, however we do allow all sneaker brands, Nike and Walmart and even those five finger shoes!

So as we leave the playgrounds and move on to the more spooky spots in SD.  Hold on to the laughter you have with the tribe , the giddy excitement of the bounce at 629am and the high flying feelings you get as you cruise down a super fun slide! We all can have fun like kids, and we do, but is just a little better now.  You are my tribe, you are my best friends and we are one bad ass community.


By the way has anyone ever seen Cade not be in the lead at a work out…. let alone look like he pooped his pants while bringing in the rear???  Well today was a first fo sho and for good reason!  Not only do your leaders think 2nd is the best but Cade also came in 2nd place for a 1/2 marathon in Washington and still dragged his super sore body out this morning at 629am to see his tribe. FUCK YEAH Cade!  For those of your who slept in you missed out, especially for those we had presents for like…. 3 beards and a baby face, alvaro, Ralaine and any of you other heading to SF in December.  WE MISSED YOU!!!

Be Happy. Be Strong. Be Bright SD!

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