Decks x 9 (PHL)

#BetterThanBedtime hangovers have woren off and we had a strong showing at the steps of the PMA this morning.  We did a deck workout with some spice.  Captains picked groups (largely based on people they didn’t know) and decks were thrown down.  We did push-ups and squats.  Each team had a particular workout/sprint/assignment for Jokers.  Initially, only the Captains were privy to their team’s Joker play.  This left the Tribe intrigued, scared and excited all at the same time.  [I’m probably making this up, but there sooo much blank space here].  The Tribe hugged, the Tribe sweat, the Tribe ran through 9 decks of cards before most of Philly sniffed this morning’s sweet scent.  Friday we are at FRANKLIN FIELD.  We meet at the Fox Fitness Center at 6:25 AM, we suggest you join!

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