December? (YEG)

How is it already December? I feel like my head has been down so worried about my training that I missed the entire month of November. Seriously, what happened? We’re 23 days away from Season Greetings Day. I’m not really sure what the politically correct term is for December 25th. Maybe I should just stick with our next statuatory holiday. That really gets me in the spirit. Truth is, I’m going to be away for most of December and since I know I’m going to have extreme FOMO with some of what is planned for you all, I am just going to keep telling myself that nothing exciting is happening here in December. Nothing. Not at all. This is not hype for the rest of the month. This is the opposite of hype, anti-hype. I’m just going to stick with planning Bridge Month.


As for today’s recap, know that today was a good day.


Sunrise(?) 6k: December 23. That is all. Every other exciting event happening is not goin to be that exciting.

One last thing, today, we welcomed another Canadian tribe into the family. Stay tuned for weekly weird shit coming out of November Project Victoria.


Find the Good,

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