December Hype (YEG)

Well folks, the time has come for me to leave you all for warmer climates as I am being deported until the new year. I will be doing some investigative research into the latest batch of weird hug techniques and suggestive partner exercises while I am away. I fully intend to come back with a handful of them. And while this is is the unfortunate part of the job where I have to be away, know that there are some very exciting things happening later this month. While I can’t say too much about it, but there are a few workouts around Christmas where I’m anticipating I will have extremely high levels of FOMO.  If it were up to me, well….I’d still be going on vacation…. but I’d make sure everyone showed up to those workouts. (Side Note: I think I’ve found a worthy replacement for one of the December workouts.)

Today, November Project grew once again. November Project Miami was officially welcomed into the family this morning. After having November Project Victoria join last week, we are now at 28 tribes. It’s crazy to think that exactly 2 years ago, we held the NP Summit here in Edmonton with only 7 tribes. Wow.

December 11 – Friday
December 23 – Sunrise 6k.
December 25 – 2 Fridays from Friday

Peace, Hugs and Happiness to you and your families.

Find the Good,

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