Dear Officer Brother,

We, the kind and loving people of November Project would like to wish you a Happy Holiday Season. We hope that your shift this morning was calm and uneventful. We noticed that you came by our hill (Summit Ave) to check in on us. As always, we appreciate you and can’t wait for the day when you join us as an official member.

There was one issue that we want to draw your attention to and hope that we don’t come off as people who are pointing fingers. With that said, we also don’t want to tarnish our relationship with you or the kind folks of Brookline. This morning there were some dudes in uniform who were also training on the hill during the same time as us. To this we say, our usual, FUCK YEAH. They were in uniforms which looked a little like ROTC or Navy Seals or BPD or something. They ended up leaving a giant mess after smashing a watermelon all over the street. This is not a metaphor for something else. No, no, they actually smashed a watermelon and left a mess for Brookline to deal with.

Throwing bodies “under the bus” isn’t something we do often so this blast feels a little weird. We just hope you don’t think that we’d ever leave a mess in your territory and hope one day we can crack down on these messy melon eaters. Consider this an open case that we’ll help you and the department solve.

Monday’s #DestinationDeck will be groundbreaking. Don’t miss it. #MagazineBeach

Some dudes smashed a watermelon at the park this morning.
They left a mess.
Officer Brother is going to bring the heat.
Morning running is pretty cold.
Monday we’re training at a park called Magazine Beach in Cambridge.
The Tribe Is Strong.

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One Reply to “Dear Officer Brother,”

  1. While not an official tribe member (tho our stade times have overlapped a few times)–but an official online stalker ’cause you guys are so entertaining & are about good stuffs I believe in–I wanted to say I’m so impressed with how you’ve handled the situation w/ Brookline PD/Officer Brother (could there be a more amazing name?). I also say this as a Brookline resident & property owner. You guys are modeling exactly how such situations should be handled. Well done.

    WISCONSIN NOTE: NP is handling the police situation amazingly.

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