Dear Ellen…


Put us on your show. Not because we are great/awkward dancers, because we think you’re funny, and/or because we think our story is strong enough to be on your couch, but put us on your show because we think you’d actually be into November Project (NP). You, not the TV lady who owns the world, but the YOU that lives inside of you. The person who likes to breath and laugh and sweat and be a part of the community without being “the woman from the show.”

Now, we understand that you may not actually pick who ends up on your show and you may not have any idea of who we are. All of that is fair. Who we are is simple: We are men and women who are changing the social chemistry of cities around the world with a simple concoction of hugs, racing fitness, community, weird stunts, and a whole lotta fun. What makes us unique is that we’re doing this for $0 and will remain committed to having the best time each week at that fixed price. To make it even more streamline, Ellen, our mission statement reads, “To build a worldwide community by empowering humans of all fitness levels through fierce, free weekly workouts.” How about that?

But let’s get back to having us on your show: We could pair it with a week where you actually show up to one of our many workout locations (though we’re pretty sure you’d be closest to the Hollywood Bowl with the mighty November Project Los Angeles, you could drop in on any of our 16 cities or you could wait until the spring when we’ve grown even larger.

Rather than going through a ton of emails to “the person who knows the cousin of a person who used to date a person who you may still be friends with” we’d rather just put this post out there, on the internet, for it to blow your way like a fart in a coach class. We think that your show is pretty good and what we’re doing (you & us) is pretty amazing.

Before we sign off though, let’s talk real one last time: If we have to pick between getting us on your famous TV show, with your famous TV lights, and your famous live TV audience, OR choose to have you come to one of our workouts and jump in the back row without any attention to anything famous about you, we’d pick to have you at our workout. In fact, forget the idea above about November Project pioneers on your show, and let us know if you have any questions about the workouts happening all over the world. Pumped to have you rise & shine soon.

November Project


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