Deal of the Day (NYC)

Multiple Turkey Trots were not enough for this Tribe this morning–waking up stiff and sore just left us wanting more. More fitness. More family. More sweat. More hugs. More burpees. More everything.

More shopping? Fuck No! I guess not more of everything. We all knew it was Black Friday–this was reinforced with every retail line (queue if you’re British) we ran by as we converged on Herald Square.  We passed by the lines at Apple, H&M, A&F, and Best Buy.  If there was a store, there was a line.  I think there was even a line outside of TGIF’s. WTF! We met at Herald Square so we could partake in some free fitness outside the mecca of holiday shopping–MACY’S.

So what did we do? Well, we didn’t get our shopping on. We got our bounce on. We got our community on. We got our sweat on.

Workout Part 1 (15 mins): We started with a group plank and tribers were called out in 3 groups: Jan-April birthdays, May-August birthdays, and September-December birthdays.  Tribers sprang up as they were called and ran sideways (switching sides as they passed the front of Macy’s) to the corner of 35th and 6th. 5 burpees were crushed. The return trip was just pure speed.  The Tribe is fast. As peeps returned, they found a planking partner, introduced each other, and proceeded to crush 5 hoisties.

Dickinson Pony Tails Activate!
Dickinson Pony Tails Activate!

Workout Part 2 (10 Mins):  Herald Square opened at 6:50am, so we switched things up a bit. We did loops within Herald Square Park (John Massey, is this what it’s called?), then 5 push-ups, then ran to the front of Macy’s to bang out 5 burpees. Repeat.

The Tribe is visible. We had tourists, in awe, taking photos and videos as well as TV crews reporting on all the buzz.  My favorite question from a TV producer was, “Can you not say ‘Fuck Yeah’ during our live shoot?” I promptly replied, “We’ll see what we can do.” Fuck NO!

We had a strong Boston contingent in the house and a few badasses from DC. The Tribe is taking over the world.

Boston Strong! Real Strong!
Boston Strong! Real Strong!

We also found the best Black Friday deals in town.  50% OFF a free workout. The first 100 Tribers to #JustShowUp were able to workout for FREE.  Bring 1 recruit to workout for FREE and the whole group’s works out for FREE.  The best deal in town is:

NOVEMBER PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NP is SO boring! NOT!
NP is SO boring! NOT!

Wednesday:  Gracie Mansion, PR day. Meet @ E.86th and the East River. NOT THE FLAG POLE @ 5:28am and 6:28am.

Paul and I won’t be there next week, but they will be some trusted babysitters.  Behave!


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