Dana is a man… who we missed this morning (We Missed You – Boston)

YES! It feels great to write this post for many reasons. Fresh on the We Missed You wall myself, I know how it feels to miss a workout and then be further dragged down by friendly banter that seems to have no end. I hope those of you who chimed in on my roast had a good time and followed it up by joining us this morning for 40 sections in the rain.

But lets get back to our man Dana, shall we?

1. Dana is a man who does a lot in his life (legit family, job, car, haircut, passion for hugs, the list goes on).

2. Dana is a man who travels further than most to attend almost all NP workouts – Falmouth, MA (Cape Cod).

3. Dana is a man who knows the value in getting on a plane to Wisconsin to attend the giant gathering/race known as the #NPSUMMIT.

4. Dana is a man of his word who you can count on… almost always.

5. Dana, this morning, was a man who… well, we’ll have to let the textual screenshot from our friend Holly do the talking (Thanks again Holly – Serving the taste of the underside of the bus to a friend takes guts and a commitment to how this We Missed You wall truly works):

Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 11.40.39 AM

6. Dana, the facts are simple and clear: We love the crap out of you and your good looking family. You’ve treated both Bojan and I like good friends from the first time we trained side by side. We post this info today not to bring you down on this gloomy day, but instead to remind you that today, in the rain, in Allston, MA… We Missed You.

With Love,
Brogan Graham

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