Crusty Crespo, where art thou? (DCA)

Folks, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: NP is all about accountability. To your friends, to the group at large, to yourself. Sadly, Dave “Well Dressed (but clearly not well-awake)” Crespo did not get that message this AM, letting down his loyal friends Rach and Joe and hundreds of others who enjoyed a glorious workout at Dupont Circle less than a mile from his residence. We’ll let Rach and Joe take it from here…

Dear Crust,
You told us last night that you would meet us on our bikes at New Hampshire and 16th at 6:15am in order to partake in November Project at Dupont Circle.  You gave us your verbal even after I specifically asked you, “Is that a Crusty verbal?”

You were excited because Rachael was going to make a long-anticipated return to NP for her 4th-ever workout (!!) AND her ankle was ready to rock n’ roll this morning! Big. Time. Y’all could be your own BIG THREE!

But morning came and we waited, and waited, and then we waited some more on our bikes at 16th until we saw another friend of ours (Alli Goff, of We Missed You lore … last week!) and explained to her that we were waiting on you. “Shocker,” Goff said.

In true Crespo fashion, we thought you were just running late and you would meet us at the workout. Maybe you were just eating a pice of toast?

Perhaps you were finishing up a podcast? Or taking on the latest round of tariffs? Or a bear? C’mon, man, you know bears don’t do DC!

Or, more likely, were you trying on sandals at all those 6am-open outlets. Doubtful, youngblood, doubtful.

During the workout, we scoured around looking for that silly mug we call “somewhat dependable.” But it never came to be.  You even had the audacity to call us while we were doing spice. DUDE, the World Cup’s been over for months now. Spoiler: France won!

Our dearest Crust was still laying in bed on a gorgeous Friday morning, breaking our hearts into tiny crust-sized pieces.  I hope you had sweet dreams of shattering our feelings on a perfect Friday morning, but we had a fun workout with some amazing people, and a few dogs! And then Rach and Jake had to recreate that Yo Bear picture without you. Crust/Crespo/Despo, WE REALLY MISSED YOU!!

I feel as though Radiohead puts it best for our feelings this morning….

Today’s disappointment summed up: Radiohead – High and Dry

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