Crowdsourcing… how San Francisco?

People may not have noticed, but as of late, the Irish-Irish third of the City by the Bay’s coleadership seems to be trying to pawn all of his coleader duties elsewhere in the Tribe. Noticed that Dickens led the workout last week. Makaron wrote the blog. Weston did his laundrey. Pete Kruse got his coffee. This list could go on!!

Now in a further effort to minimise effort on his weekday mornings… fuck that, it’s actually just to avoid inevitable barrage of hassle from McCloskey about his eclectic taste in music. It was Clayton who weighted the playlist with constant repeats of Missy Elliot… I swear!


So here’s a little challenge for the Tribe. We want you to go forth and each make a Spotify playlist for The Tribe’s workouts (Mondays & some Fridays). Feel free to include a central theme to yours… could be for a pre-workout dance-off. For a Monday morning power half hour. What do you want to hear when you workout at NP.

Here’s some criteria…

  • Short: up to 30 minutes
  • Openly accessible: no private playlists please… so I don’t panic before a workout and can’t find it
  • Include at least 3 Enya songs (joke… but actually seriously)

Name the playlist with “#NPSF” plus a label of your choice. Give a general idea of the music content in the label so I can reference it real quick; e.g. “Strictly Missy Elliot”, “Dance-off”, “Mash-up”, et cetera, et cetera. I’ll have a look through the playlists then, and can start using them for the Monday workouts… before Laura decides to ban me from ever using the boombox again (if only, she’d learn how to use technology and figure out the Bluetooth connection to her own phone. That and how to drop a pin! Hah!).


run plc

In other news, we also worked out this morning. But Paddy forgot the memory card (I knew my bag felt light). Any how, everyone crushed the workout on the perishingly cold end of Aquatic Park pier.

In other news…

Christmas theme workout on Wednesday. Wear your Christmas t-shirts, Santacon t-shirts, red and green, etc. 5:30 and 6:30AM.

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