Crowd Gathers At Potrero Hill; Completely Shocks Leaders (SF)

This morning you came out in numbers and proved once again that the tribe travels well. We ventured to the deep south of San Francisco to run up the most crooked street in the world. That’s right, the entire world. At least that’s what the Google machine tells me.

And with the Friday sunrise, appeared a figure quite similar to a hologram that came to us this time last year. In a flash of light he was gone, on to the backside of the hill without a heavy pant or a stuttered step. Not even the siren cheers of Sam Livermore were strong enough to stop this forward moving train, forcing us to all but forget about the hologram, the Irishman, and the long stemmed Clayton. For now, we have a new contender. One that will most definitely keep Paddy up at night. One that we hope returns to NP hills in the future for footrace battles on the concrete. Welcome, newbie, welcome.

MONDAY: WE TAG SHIRTS. 6:24 AM. Fort Mason. Happy weekend, people!

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