Cross Country Spice (YEG)

 We ran wild today. After the dark winter and icy trails it could be easy to think that we need to stay on the clear sidewalk with lights all the time but ALAS, the sun rose at the same time as us and the snow magically disappeared! We turned left at the top of the hill today and it was the right turn. (See what I did there)


The tribe was strong today and when we meet on Monday the tribe will be older.  Leader Nadim, the one who specializes in awkward hugs and stares, is turning 30!  Have a good one buddy!  Recruit your asses off this weekend, Monday will be epic and we don’t want people feeling left out of the awesomeness.  AF


Monday we will meet on the wooden bridge at point A. If you’re not sure how to get there, B through E are good starting points.

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