Cowboys, Ninjas, Bears, Cobblestone Hills and Secret Stairs

Cowboy shoots Bear.
Bear mauls (hugs) Ninja.
Ninja sneaks up on Cowboy.
Cowboy. Ninja. Bear. GO!


Thank you (Dave and Julie of Boston) for essentially creating our entire workout around the best edition, hands down, of Rock Paper Scissors.  In our day to day, the word “adult” has far too many rules and parameters.  Adults are to be serious, and stern, responsible, and straight-laced.  We, as adults, must define ourselves by our profession, present ourselves with poise and ironed shirts.  We must join a gym, and take fitness seriously.  No smiling, all handshakes and formalities, and far too many conversations about the weather…
Well, not for me, and not for NPSD!


To all those that live their lives like the “adults” above, I have only one thing to say to you:


The term “adult” is up to YOU to define. #behappy #bestrong #bebright and #loosenup
Adult stuff:
May Mondays:  La Jolla Cove
#NP_Yoga: This Friday @6:29AM – Milestone run shop.  Sign up HERE (12 spots left!!)
Saturday, May 21st, 8:00AM we are doing another outside-of-normal-NP-times fun event. Meet at the Friendship Flame statue at the Convention Center stairs, wear your #grassrootsgear, and we will go for a run along the Embarcadero, have some fun, maybe recruit a few new people. 


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