Cow Belly Up (DEN)

This is Flannel LieutenantGeneral reporting live from #NPSUMMIT. We’re learning things here in Madison WI that will make the 5280 tribe stronger, healthier, and more wholesome. Big thanks to Elizabeth Jarrard and her ‘Eats Crew’ that collaborated on today’s workout. We miss you and love you all:
Summer is over. Our parents are gone. In what could have been a very depressing 34F Friday morning, the brave members of November Project Denver gathered. Dan and Molly entrusted me with the safety and fun of #NP5280 while they rep our tribe at NP Summit. Fun was had. It was kind of safe…(minus the eggs…)

In the NP Motherland we run a little hill call Summit every Friday. There’s also a little ordinance that says we have to be quiet before 7AM there. I have yet to be informed of such rules and regulations in Denver, so we brought the noise to LoHi hills this morning.

Little Man Hill is very deceiving. It looks gradual, but it’s long, and running back and forth at your top (hill) speed is grueling. I set the timer for 35 minutes and our racers were off. Unfortunately the boombox was frozen, so despite Teresa’s rockin playlist, we had to rely on our vocal cords for moral support.
I’m very proud that we made so much noise that:
1. Kim was egged (whoever did that is a horrible person. Unfortunately we didn’t see his/her face).
2. I was told by a young gentleman that he “thought there was a stripper out here there was so much woo-ing.” 

Tips for an enthusiastic Friday morning:
1. High five everyone
2. Yell WOOOOOO until you can’t breathe and it starts to sound like a pitiful moan
3. Bring out the cowbell (in case you don’t have an actual bell, this is the best app. I know because I tested ALL of the free cowbell apps.)
4. Race everything (while cheering on everyone).
That is all.
See you Wednesday at 5:30 or 6:15 at the steps of the Capitol.
-Flannel Eats
WED 6:15A (5:30a early group) Capitol Building Stairs. Bring your friend so you have something to talk about for the rest of your lives.
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